Course lasts two days, 10 am – 5 pm with 1 h lunch break

After this two days course you will be ready to start with work immediately


The first day course will last 7 hours and you will practice on a wig head model.

You will learn four of the latest and most popular methods in the industry:

– Micro rings

– Nano rings

Invisi tapes

– Micro keratin

– Ice hair extensions (additionally 1060 AED)

After day one you will be ready to perform all of them.

You will also learn:

– how to use extensions for length, thickness and different colour effects

– how to complete client consultation and select the perfect method for your client

– understand different qualities and textures of hair

– position extensions discreetly for different methods and needs for length, volume and highlights

– how to safely remove hair extensions and all the tricks with that, that will save you tons of time

– educate and provide aftercare and maintenance for your clients

– how to select the perfect suppliers with our recommendations so you can start your business immediately

and more !


Putting your skills into practice on a maniquie.

Full day of practical training on a maniquie.

As part of this treninig, you will instal most popular hair exstenisons – Micro keratin on full head, because once you master this technique you are ready for all kinds of extensions.

We will repeat everything from the first day and show you also the tricks how to apply hair extensions the quickest and most efficient way possible.

At the end Gasper will teach you few more techniques, such as Snatched Ponytail, Bombshell, Glossy Hair, Wet look and much more.

A full EXTENSION MASTER KIT is included with every course:

  1. Professional keratin extensions applicator Tool
  2. Tape applicator pliers
  3. Nano rings application Pliers
  4. Micro loop applicator
  5. Mannequin
  6. Keratin extensions
  7. Micro ring extensions
  8. Nano ring extensions
  9. Invisi tape extensions
  10. Ice hair extensions (additionally 1060 AED)
  11. One whole package of Micro keratin extensions to work on mannequin (day 2)

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